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16. März 2018

Ten super insights from #sxsw2018 by Karsten

Here´s some inspirations I would love to share with you from the first five days at #sxsw2018 - on day 6 I got lost entering here for a small conference lunch break;-)

As long as public infrastructure for daily life still looks today the way it looked 50 years ago, society´s segregation will deepen, no matter digital revolution. Most of my physical neighbours here in West Austin don´t care about brilliant digital innovations as long as basics such as electricity & sewage are in a 0.1 condition.

Who has been growing up like me with SONY #WM-2 revelutionizing the pleasure of mobile music has got a mystical feeling towards SONY. Here at THE WOW STUDIO from #SONYEVENTS @SXSW2018 I felt why they are a love brand - still at the edge of innovation.

It´s all about communicating with the “generation 5 seconds” Thx to #YouTubeSXSW for the inspiring venue, where ferry tales have been retold by famous directors. Each in 3 lengths: like a music clip, in 15 seconds and then in 5 seconds. See how storytelling works in timeless times: The Greatest Stories Retold

Pay attention to the design of all the things surrounding you, as that design will have a great impact on the design of your life itself, said Freeman Chief Design Officer Bruce Mau in his session “24 Principles for massive change”.

Like to hear more: Bruce Mau’s 24 Principles for Massive Change

Forget banking as you know it. CEO of Deutsche Bank John Cryan was asked to scetch up the bank of the future and what he envisioned was a a simple social media based payment tool and technique. Guess Facebook loved to hear this and already has got that technique…..

Symone Sanders, CNN political analyst and former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders, explains the importance of the candidates´ messaging ability towards Generation Z. They will decide next US presidential election, she pointed out.

Listen: Technology, Media, and Politics

Guerilla marketing acts! Even on a tech conference colorful prints at strategic downtown places fill your venue. Thx to GERMAN HAUS at #sxsw2018 for hosting us!

Shama Hyder, Founder and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, reflected upon why millennials share everything through social media and came to the conclusion that that´s their way of creating their identity.

In the session “Beyond Ads: Become Entertainment” John Deschner, CIO/MD at #ChiatDayLA, showed a brilliant case for three second surroundings like snapchat.
Watch here

Loved Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, at his very first keynote sentence “In texas everything is bigger, except me” and got sad about digital hate speech examples reaching him every day. He´s totally wright: “We have to protect people online better”!

But at the end I feel a little like described here by .

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